Important information: Coronavirus update

Coronavirus Update

Posted 21st May 2020

Updated 21st May 2020

We are currently CLOSED TO ALL VISITORS. This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we need to protect our residents and staff. Gifts can safely be left at the back door. We will of course contact the named next of kin should a resident be unwell.

We are following government guidelines on the relaxation of lockdown. As our residents come into the category of the most vulnerable we will not be even considering opening to visitors until after 30th June. If there are changes to this we will let relatives know. When we do reopen, visiting will be strictly controlled so that we can continue to keep our residents safe.

For residents in Yoakley House we now have a facility Facebook Portal for you to stay in touch with your relative by visual media on Facebook Messenger of WhatsApp. Please call for details.

Our staff are trained and well practiced in infection control and we will continue to provide the best possible care to all our residents.

Any resident who has symptoms which might indicate the virus will be cared for in isolation in their own room with staff adhering to our stringent infection control procedures. If symptoms progress and cause concern, staff will follow the prescribed process to access medical support and request testing. Designated Next of Kin will be kept informed as necessary.

Almshouse residents are being encouraged to continue to self isolate and we are doing all we can to help those with no local family to get all the supplies they need. They are currently not being permitted to come in to Yoakley House but we are supporting them with a daily warden telephone call, shopping online and medication deliveries. They have our gorgeous gardens to enjoy – keeping their distance from each other.

The League of Friends have decided for the time being to cancel public events, especially where they would have involved people coming on site, including the lunch at St Augustine’s planned for 14th May and the Summer Fair planned for 3rd June.

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