Important information: Coronavirus update

Coronavirus Update

Posted 21st March 2020

Updated 21st March 2020

Following the upgrade of isolation instruction we are now CLOSED TO ALL VISITORS. This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we need to protect our residents and staff. Gifts can be left at the back door. We will of course contact the named next of kin should a resident be unwell.

We now have a facility for you to stay in touch with your relative by visual media. Please call after 2pm Sunday 22nd March for details.

Our staff are trained and well practiced in infection control and we will continue to provide the best possible care to all our residents, keeping those who may be infectious in isolation in their own room or almshouse.

Almshouse residents are being encouraged to self isolate and we will do all we can to help those with no local family to get all the supplies they need. For the time being almshouse residents are still welcome in Yoakley House for activities.

The latest information from our local GP surgery Northdown is that they are moving towards personal contact with as few people as possible. This is to protect the GPs and healthcare workers whose services we need. Consultation on mild or non life threatening issues may be redirected to others such as pharmacists or postponed so they focus on those most seriously unwell.

From Monday 16th March 2020 as many consultations as possible for all patients will be over the phone or via video link. We are making arrangements for residents to be able to have a video link consultation at Yoakley if necessary. Other local surgeries are likely to follow suit.

Any resident who has symptoms which might indicate the virus will be cared for in isolation in their own room with staff adhering to our stringent infection control procedures. If symptoms progress and cause concern, staff will contact the nhs for advice and if the nhs think that a test or hospital admission is appropriate they will organise it.

The League of Friends have decided for the time being to cancel public events, especially where they would have involved people coming on site, including the Quiz Night due to happen on 27th March and the lunch at St Augustine’s planned for 14th May.

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