Important information: Coronavirus update

Coronavirus Update

Posted 31st December 2021

Updated 30th December 2021

UPDATE RE VISITS TO YOAKLEY HOUSE: We are sorry to have to report but after all this time we are beginning to see staff testing positive for Covid in Yoakley House (despite being triple vaccinated). This new variant seems to be rife in the community and unavoidable. We have taken the decision to stop all visits to the care home even in the training room for the timebeing whilst we concentrate on keeping a fair number of healthy staff in the building. We need as few people as possible on the premises at this time. We will review the situation and let you know what the plan is from 14th January onwards.

VIRTUAL VISITS BY FACEBOOK PORTAL: For residents in Yoakley House we have a Facebook Portal for friends and family to stay in touch by visual media on Facebook Messenger of WhatsApp. Please call 01843 223652 for details.

TESTING: Covid 19 testing with the PCR test kits – weekly for staff and monthly for care home residents – is continuing with swabs being taken by our own staff. In addition to this we have the LFD tests which give a result in 30 minutes which can be used if anyone shows symptoms of the virus. Staff are testing twice a week before they come on duty.

Any resident who has symptoms which might indicate the virus will be cared for in isolation in their own room with staff adhering to our stringent infection control procedures. If symptoms progress and cause concern, staff will follow the prescribed process to access medical support. Designated Next of Kin will be kept informed as necessary.

DRAPERS ALMSHOUSE RESIDENTS are being encouraged to continue to take care and maintain social distancing. They are currently not being permitted to come into Yoakley House. They may have visitors in their property but we are urging them to be cautious. Visits in the garden are permitted as long as guests do not interfere with the peace of other residents. As always we will do our best to keep all residents safe and well and make sure that they have all that they need.

The League of Friends have decided for the time being to cancel public events, especially where they would have involved people coming on site.

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