Guardian Healthcare Innovations Awards 2013

On 24th October 2013, the Charity was honoured as runner up in the Partnership category of the Guardian Healthcare Innovations Awards 2013. The Charity’s Chairman, Michael Baker, and Executive Manager, Julie Wickenden, attended a prestigious awards ceremony at the offices of the Guardian. The Charity is extremely proud of this achievement in which it competed against organisations including Oxford University, Primary Healthcare Trusts and London hospitals. It is a great acknowledgement of the dedication of its amazing staff team, who deliver an outstanding quality of service.

The awards recognise innovations which are combating issues in health and social care across the UK. The Charity has partnered with Northdown GP surgery, Margate, to provide two Hospital Avoidance beds. When the GPs or District Nurses identify an older person with an infection or ailment that the GP can treat, but who needs help to care for them through the illness, they are admitted to Yoakley rather than to the local hospital.

The benefits to the patient are (as well as avoiding a hospital admission) continuity of care with the GP and District Nurses that they know and trust, and quality care from those specifically trained to deliver it.

The benefits to the Charity are guaranteed income with NHS sponsorship of the beds when longterm residential care is being discouraged by government policy, and the opportunity to deliver excellent person centred care to its local population, which is one of its key aims.

The benefits to the NHS are the prevention of inappropriate hospital admissions of the elderly, relieving bed- blocking when a patient simply needs care rather than medical intervention, and a huge financial saving. The GP beds at Yoakley cost significantly less than a high dependency care bed in the hospital.

Full details of the award and other entries can be seen here.